Our Cosmetic dentist in Pembroke Pines knows the importance of cosmetic dentistry in society since in addition to a good appearance, it also denotes good health and lifestyle.

That is why currently there are a wide variety of treatments and procedures to improve the image, including aesthetic dental treatments. These popular treatments will help them have white and healthy teeth, forming a perfect smile to show off in any place and on any occasion. As they say, “smiles open doors, but a perfect smile is capable of achieving everything”. Due to this, there are more and more people who come with dentists not only to take care of their teeth and oral health but also to receive aesthetic treatments, such as teeth whitening.

Basically all procedures, treatments and dental care applied by a person or a specialist to maintain the beauty and aesthetics of the smile, fall within the aesthetics of the mouth, but being stricter goes far beyond simple brushing and using mouth rinses or the use of dental veneers for bleaching, but based on the results obtained with the sum of all these procedures.

Another reason why this type of practices and treatments have become popular is because of the great variety of public figures, such as athletes, movie stars and TV personalities who use them and are openly concerned about having good dental aesthetics, since previously the treatments were expensive and little known, but now they have become very accessible. Now any person is able to access these treatments, perform them at any time, and thanks to the evolution in dental techniques, they are increasingly effective and any risk is non-existent, since there are few who become invasive and require surgery.

Treatments of cosmetic dentistry in Pembroke Pines 

They have specific objectives such as: changing the shape, size, and color of the denture in general, or sometimes a specific dental piece that stands out from the rest. Its purpose is to improve the image of people, some also have health benefits, allowing a better cleaning of the teeth or that can chew better, and, therefore, have a better digestion.

Main treatments of Cosmetic Dentistry

Each person has unique oral problems, therefore, to know what treatments they need to improve their smile, they must go with a specialist in dentistry. The main treatments that can recommend them to improve the aesthetics of the teeth are:

1-tooth color fillings: used to repair the cavities caused by caries. Previously amalgams of metals were used for these situations, but they stood out and it was required to eliminate a part of the structure of the tooth, instead, the fillings are of the color of the tooth, reason why they are mimicked and they are completely biocompatible

2-Teeth whitening: reduce or eliminate stains and tooth discoloration that are suffered by years and habits such as high consumption of coffee and tobacco; from the first session you can see significant changes, although sometimes more sessions are necessary. Whitening is not a permanent treatment since the color of the teeth is not completely white, therefore every so often this treatment will be required again

3-Porcelain veneers: allow changing the color, size, and shape of the teeth to achieve a more aesthetic and beautiful smile. Depending on its thickness, it is necessary or not to reduce a part of the enamel to get a better fixation

4-Dental crowns: they replace the upper part of the damaged teeth and reinforce them. Until a few years ago, porcelain crowns also used metal, which reduced their aesthetic appeal, but today crowns are one hundred percent porcelain or zirconium and are more durable, comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

5-Invisible orthodontics: technique that does not use braces, but a set of transparent plastic splints that moves the teeth to their correct position, without anyone noticing that they are wearing them; It is one of the most chosen treatments by many adults who want to improve their smile

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